General Documents

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500+ Camping RecipesCamping9/4/2017681.42 KBDownload
Gear Sign-out ListCamping10/9/2017129.05 KBDownload
Menu Planner - Weekend Camping TripCamping10/9/201752.35 KBDownload
Patrol Cook's Shopping ListCamping9/4/2017114.37 KBDownload
Weekend Duty RosterCamping9/4/201792.34 KBDownload
2017 Christmas Plant SaleFundraising12/1/2017278.12 KBDownload
Popcorn Order SummaryFundraising10/11/201720.02 KBDownload
Volunteer Grant CompaniesFundraising4/30/201838.66 KBDownload
2017 Updated Advancement RequirementsMiscellaneous1/31/2018335.69 KBDownload
How to pick a Boy Scout TroopMiscellaneous2/8/201846.22 KBDownload
The Difference between Boy Scouts & Cub ScoutsMiscellaneous2/8/20188.18 MBDownload
Adult's Code of ConductTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures9/4/2017205.21 KBDownload
How to Obtain a Blue Card and Select a Merit Badge CounselorTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures12/1/2017116.87 KBDownload
How to Obtain Sign Off for Rank Advancement Troop Forms, Policies & Procedures12/1/2017130.26 KBDownload
How Troop 73 Communicates with Scouts and ParentsTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures12/1/2017119.46 KBDownload
Scout Service - Individual ReportTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures2/8/2018196.51 KBDownload
Scout Spirit ContractTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures9/4/2017115.58 KBDownload
Talent Release FormTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures9/4/201714.89 KBDownload
Troop 73 HandbookTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures9/4/2017451.67 KBDownload
Troop Service ReportTroop Forms, Policies & Procedures9/4/201753.85 KBDownload


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Watchung Reservation w/ Historical Trail SuperUser Account 9/4/2017841.48 KBDownload
Watchung ReservationSuperUser Account 9/4/20173.85 MBDownload
Round Valley Hiking / CampingSuperUser Account 9/4/2017374.65 KBDownload

Orienteering Aids

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IOF 2-page Control DescriptionsSuperUser Account 9/4/20171.14 MBDownload
IOF - Control DescriptionsSuperUser Account 9/4/2017324.12 KBDownload

Prior Year Trip Forms

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