About Troop 73's Logo

The Troop 73 logo was designed by the scouts and leaders of the troop in the mid-1970’s.

They wanted to create a unique logo that would represent the scouting program and in particular the patrol method.

The result was a geometric design in red, blue and yellow.

The following is an explanation of the logo.

  • In the center, the interlocking rings represent a handclasp at the wrist, the strongest type of handclasp, very difficult to break.

    It reminds scouts of the bonds of friendship and fellowship they develop in scouting, very difficult to break. 
  • The two triangles to the left and right of the rings represent two scouts standing back to back, looking out for each other, just like members of their patrol. 
  • The large red diamond represents the whole patrol surrounding the patrol members, keeping them all together. 
  • The surrounding yellow field represents the sun. It reminds us of the outdoors of the scouting program. 
  • The outer blue ring has the words Troop 73 and Westfield N.J. This represents the troop, encompassing all the patrols.It also reminds us that the troop is a part of the community.