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Scoutmaster's Corner

Happy Autumn!

Make sure to welcome Mr. Cunningham in his new role as Scoutmaster!!

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Upcoming Events

Event StartTitleCategory
1/8/2016 5:00 PM Winter Cabin Camping (Stokes) Trip
1/27/2016 7:30 PM Committee Meeting Committee Meeting
1/30/2016 7:00 AM Klondike Derby Special Event
2/7/2016 9:00 AM Scout Sunday Mass Special Event
2/8/2016 7:30 PM Winter Court of Honor Troop Meeting
2/24/2016 7:30 PM Committee Meeting Committee Meeting
3/23/2016 7:30 PM Committee Meeting Committee Meeting
4/2/2016 7:00 AM Spring AT Hike Trip & Camping
4/23/2016 5:00 PM Swim Night
4/27/2016 7:30 PM Committee Meeting Committee Meeting

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Just 4 Fun

Steve and Mark are camping when a bear suddenly comes out and growls.  Steve starts putting on his tennis shoes.
Mark says, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!”
Steve says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear—I just have to outrun you!”


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