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1/9 - 1/11/15 - Winter Cabin Camping 

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Please see the newspaper article on Troop 73's involvement in Westfield's Scouting for Food on November 15, 2014:




Upcoming Events

Event StartTitleCategory
3/28/2015 7:00 AM At Backpacking/Camping 101 Trip
4/11/2015 4:30 PM Mandatory Swim Test Special Event
4/24/2015 6:30 PM Wading River Trip Trip
5/1/2015 6:30 PM West Point Camboree Trip
5/15/2015 6:30 PM Jeuther Cup Canoe Race and Camping Trip
9/12/2015 10:00 AM Recycling Service Project

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Troop 73 is sponsored by Holy Trinity Church of Westfield, New Jersey. 

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Just 4 Fun
From the October, 2010 issue of Reader's Digest :

It was my friend's first camping trip with her husband, and they were lost. He tried all the usual tactics to determine direction -- moss on the trees (there was none), direction of the sun (it was overcast), and so on.

Just as she began to panic, he spotted a cabin in the distance.

"This way," he said as he led her back to their camp.

"How did you do that?" my friend asked.

"Simple. In this part of the country, the satellite dishes point south."

-- Mary A. B., Alexandria, Virginia

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